Stainless Steel braided brake
and Clutch hoses

Land Rover Accessories from Mill Services

Stainless Steel braided brake and Clutch hoses are available in Plain Stainless Steel or PVC coated Stainless Steel to provide that extra protection or just a dash of colour under the bonnet or wheel arch.
Our hoses are available in Black, Green, Blue, Red and CLEAR
They are available in standard size as well as any length you want.
All we require is that you provide us with the thread size (metric or Imperial) and the vehicle type or for something special, the length. The two nuts in the centre of the picture are typical of the female nuts on a braking system. Left hand one is METRIC and the Right one is IMPERIAL.
Hoses made for all types of braking and fuel systems. just tell us the length, thread type and the fitting Male, female banjo etc and we will do the rest.
Hoses supplied for cars vans and Land Rovers...
Note it is not recommended to replace partial sets of hoses as the new ones are much more responsive than the old rubber hoses.
Price is for a standard to plus 2” is £20.00 per hose inc delivery

Axle breathers for all models