Spring Lifters

Land Rover Accessories from Mill Services

Spring Lifters, replace the lower spring seat to lift the bottom of the coil spring.
The spring lifters can be used to level the vehicle once all that off road gear has been fitted or to raise a low vehicle. The lift kit comes complete with two plates to relocate the front dampers on top of the lifter and new METRIC bolts
The lifters are supplied in any size available to order and each packer can be a different size. For example 40mm front and 50mm rear.
For those of us that use our Rovers every day and then use them for a long trip, the use of packers enables us to level the Land Rover with all our gear in it just for that long trip, without having to purchase new springs that will shake the teeth out of your head when the vehicle is empty.
up to 52mm (2”)  £70.00 per vehicle set
over 52mm add £5 per vehicle.
Fronts only £40.00 Rears only £40.00
Colour may vary from picture shown. Can be supplied unpainted also for you to finish to match your axle.

Axle breathers for all models